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In ArtBot players of all ages learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence. Your quest is to find and retrieve stolen art objects. You train your AI helper to recognise and locate the objects hidden in a maze of dungeons, and see how supervised and reinforcement learning work.

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Download instructions:

  1. Download either the 32 or 64-bit version of the game corresponding to your Windows system.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your file system.
  3. Run the file ArtBot.exe inside the unzipped folder.

Download for Windows (32-bit)
Download for Windows (64-bit)

Note that due to technical reasons, ArtBot works faster in the reinforcement learning mini-game for the downloaded version. This means that since learning is constrained by time, the learnt path will be more efficient in this version of the game than in the online one.

ArtBot is also available for download to Android devices through the Google Play Store.

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Minecraft Learns ML

Minecraft Learns ML is a short game showcasing how videogames can be used to teach core priciples of the architecture of Neural Networks using Imitation Learning. In Minecraft Learns ML, players have the chance of familiarize themselves with creating a machine learning dataset and decide on the basic architecture of a Neural Network to solve a simple navigation problem on the fly.

Instructions: How to Run
Project Files

Super Meat Bot

Super Meat Bot is a videogame for teaching the priciples of Reinforcement and Curriculum Learning. In Super Meat Bot players have the chance of designing levels with rewards and deterrents for an Artificial Intelligence and train it to overcome more and more diffcult naviagtion challenges.

Instructions: How to Run
Project Files